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We represent and support a wide range of products and solutions including the following major areas

Intensive Care: Patient Monitors, Non Invasive Cardiac Output devices, Patient Warming and Fluid Warming devices

Respiratory: Pulmonary Function Test equipments, Spirometers, Peak Flow meters, Oxygen/Air flow meters and regulators, Suction regulators, wide range of Respiratory Consumables

Airway management: Difficult airway intubation, Video Intubation Scopes, Laryngoscopes, Airway management consumables

Sports Science: Stationary and Mobile Performance Testing Devices, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test systems, Exercise bike and treadmills, Activity Monitors, other sports accessories and consumables

EMS/ Emergency: Difficult Airway Intubation Scopes, Oxylator (Emergency Resuscitation Devices

Home Care: CPAP, BiPAP, Air Ripple Mattress, Beds, Pulse Oximeters, Nebulizers, Oxygen Concentrators.

Hospital Furniture: Hospital Bed, Treatment and examination couches, Phlebotomy Chairs, Lab Chairs, Stretchers, Pharmacy Shelving, Sharp Box Carriers, Emergency Carts.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: Short Wave Diathermy, IFT, Combination Therapy, Disposable hot/cold packs and all other physiotherapy items

ENT/Audiology: ENT Treatment unit, Video Otoscope, Video Rhino Laryngoscope, Rigid Scopes, Stroboscope, Flexible Nasopharyngoscope etc...

Laboratory: Prefabricated and customised Laboratory work bench, Lab and Pharmacy Refrigerators, Portable Refrigerators, Ice Box, Centrifuges, Lab Consumables.

Neurophysiology: EEG, EMG, Ambulatory EEG/Sleep study devices

Dental: Dental Chairs, Intra Oral Imaging, Panoramic X-ray, Intra Oral X-ray sensors, Camera, PSPIX, Sterilizers.

Neonatology: Neonatal Incubators, Phototherapy, BoBBi Shield and other consumables.

Other Products: Surgery and Examination Lamps, Potable Vein Illumination device, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Pharmacy Shelving system, Weighing Scales and all General and specialised medical consumables.